Energy Arbitrators List

The Energy Arbitrators List (EAL) is a panel of experienced arbitrators with demonstrated expertise in deciding international energy disputes. The EAL is available online to users at no cost and is fully searchable by country, region and key words. Additionally, the EAL provides detailed information regarding arbitrator experience as defined in thirteen separate industry categories resulting in the most comprehensive database of qualified international energy arbitrators currently available.

The EAL was born out of discussions among energy experts, corporate and outside counsel to help identify capable and experienced energy arbitrators. An independent Review Committee of industry leaders and legal experts from around the world has facilitated the identification and vetting of arbitrators for the EAL.

The EAL is powered by the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®). The EAL offers a variety of  fee-based arbitrator appointment and administrative services supported by the ICDR’s (or ICDR/EAL) International Energy Secretariat and Director, Yanett Quiroz based in the ICDR Houston office.

Parties can schedule their hearings in the ICDR’s Houston office.  Please contact Yanett Quiroz to check availability and pricing. The ICDR can also facilitate hearings in other locations around the world as needed by the parties.