ICDR Administered International Arbitration Service

This is the ICDR's premium service and includes the ICDR acting as an appointing authority while also bringing the full value of the ICDR's party-driven process management system to the dispute.

What You Do: All parties to the dispute submit a Submission to Dispute Resolution form with the ICDR, checking the box for ICDR International Dispute Resolution Procedures and providing the ICDR with the appropriate filing fee. Please note that the Procedures (with a schedule of fees and expenses) are available online at www.icdr.org.

What You Get: Except as otherwise agreed by the parties, the ICDR provides each party with an identical list of 10 or 15 arbitrators drawn from our Panel of Arbitrators, supplemented by the Energy Arbitrators List, who are generally available to serve and whose credentials best match the criteria specified on the filing form, along with their EAL/ICDR resume/CV.

What You Get: An international arbitration administered under a set of Procedures which are flexible, innovative where appropriate, and reflect international expectations of the arbitration process. ICDR administration is focused on providing the parties with a fair and expeditious resolution of their dispute.

What The ICDR Does: Once the filing is complete, the ICDR quickly establishes contact with the parties and solicits the parties’ views concerning arbitrator selection, the possibility of mediation and any other matters that will assist a speedy and effective resolution of the dispute. As part of its full-service offering, the ICDR works with the parties to have independent and impartial arbitrators appointed quickly, and where necessary, will address issues arising out of possible conflicts of interest. Once arbitrators are appointed, the ICDR schedules an organizational, preliminary hearing with the arbitrators. After the preliminary hearing, a procedural order is usually issued by the arbitrator(s), setting forth the schedule for the taking of evidence. At all points thereafter the ICDR works closely with the arbitral tribunal to keep the matter moving forward efficiently. The ICDR collects deposits for arbitrator compensation and expenses and ensures that these costs are billed and disbursed appropriately. When problems arise in the course of arbitration, the parties, the arbitral tribunal and the ICDR can look to the ICDR's Rules and procedures for guidance on how the matter will be resolved and what is required of the parties, the arbitral tribunal and the ICDR. If the matter comes to a decision, the arbitral tribunal renders an Award, which is subsequently provided to the parties by the ICDR. No matter whether the matter is concluded by withdrawal, settlement or Award, the ICDR will provide the parties with a final accounting and refunds any fees, or excess compensation deposits, to the parties where the Rules provide for it.

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